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Montreal Consumer's Choice Broker - I.F.I.S.

On this page we'll describe some of the different services we offer.

Brokerage Services

We offer a full range of wholesale and specialized brokerage services, including:

Investment, Saving & Retirement Plans for Individuals and Groups ??ch as: RRSP, RIF, LIF, LIRA, GICs, Funds??okeraging through Banks, Trust Co.s, Insurance Companies, including Creditor Protection Investment set-ups for Individuals & More!
We've also just found a Decent R.E.S.P product
that looks pretty darn FAIR tot he Consumer!

( We Brokerage FUNDS, but not STOCKS. )

Every aspect in existence, for Individuals and Groups ??om Life, Income & Health coverage, to Shopping Services for Commercial Insurance, as well as Home, Automobile, Tenant Packages & More!
You Name it, and we'll do it - for You! :-)

* Retirement Planning

* Estate Planning

* Insurance

* Tax Counseling

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Our Service Advantage

In this area we might list the advantages of our firm.

* Low Commissions

* Personal Attention

* Years of Industry Experience

David Philip Gladstone - IFIS - since 1979
Independent Financial & Insurance Services
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