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Montreal Consumer's Choice Broker - I.F.I.S.
Who We Are

Most prospective clients like to know the background of a company. On this page we will describe our history and include comments about us from clients.

Company History

For over 21 years we have been serving this community with the best in financial and insurance services. Our name has stood for Integrity, Stability, Quality and Excellence.

When we began, we believed our clients deserved the best financial and insurance services - we still do, and we always will.

CLIENT COMMENTS: from my Main Web-site
at www.geocities.com/dphilips.geo
(Please visit there, Ok? Thanks)

"David Philip Gladstone has been a constant in my life since - I think, the Stone Age. Apart from advising me on insurance (and how to save money on insurance - which we all want to do.) He gave me incredible advice on where to put my my little nest egg money so it grew into an amazing amount that I had never dreamed was possible. I have nothing but good to say about his loyalty, devotion to detail and concern about his clients. And besides that he's one hell of a guy."
Patricia Davies-Weekes

"David - God bless you , Hi and Thank you. AMAZING Web-Site too!" Debbie and Alan Soll.

"Hi David, Saska has told me nothing but good things about you. It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance." Steve Snelson

David Philip Gladstone - IFIS - since 1979
Independent Financial & Insurance Services
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